Smaller Gaps / Single Tooth Implants

Smaller Gaps?


We understand how distressing it can be to have a missing or failing tooth.

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth, they look great and feel just like the real thing.

There are other ways to replace missing teeth such as dental bridges or dentures, but implants are regarded as the ‘gold standard’ as they don’t damage the adjacent teeth and they are fixed (non-removable).


Answer a few simple questions to see how we

can help you achieve the smile you deserve.



At Evesham Place Dental we offer open, honest pricing. Our quotes include everything.  There are no hidden fees or extras.  Our quote includes the provisional bridge and the final bridge.  Once the final bridge is fitted we keep the provisional bridge as a spare.

Why would you need a dental implant?

Teeth can suffer from trauma, dental decay, gum disease or cracks.  At Evesham Place Dental we always strive to save your natural teeth, but if it isn’t possible, dental implants are often the best replacement.

When teeth are lost the jaw bone naturally tends to shrink.  Dental implants prevent ths from happening and so they maintain the bone in the area.  This prevents the jaw from shrinking and helps maintain your natural facial structure.

Because dental implants are totally independent from the adjacent teeth, they don’t damage or affect the adjacent teeth.  In fact, replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant prevents the adjacent or opposing teeth from moving which helps keep them healthy.

What’s involved?

The dental implant is placed into the gum.  Once it has healed a new tooth is made to fit onto the top.  The new tooth is normally screwed into place and so is very secure.  Unlike other replacement teeth dental implants don’t rely on the adjacent teeth for support and so don’t damage the adjacent teeth.  The dental implant also stimulates the jaw bone to prevent the jaw and gum in the area from shrinking over time.

What stages are involved in dental implants?


At the initial consultation our team will discuss your concerns and get a feel for what you would like to achieve.  If it looks like Dental Implants are the right treatment for you we move on to the full assessment

Full Assesment

We carry out a full dental examination and ask some questions about your general health.  At this stage we get 3D CT scans of your jaws, photographs of your teeth and a digital scan of your teeth. 


We meticulously assess all the records we have taken and plan every aspect of the procedure. 

If we’re using digital guided surgery (hyperlink to digital dentistry page), we make a surgical guide to help us place the implant exactly where we want it. 

If we’re fitting an immediate implant, we get a new provisional tooth made to be fitted on the day of the procedure

4. The Dental Implant procedure.

On the day of the procedure we first make sure that your comfortably relaxed and sedated.  Once we’re happy that you’re comfortable we fit your implants

The review

We like to see you again after about one week.  This is typically a short appointment to ‘touch-base’. 

The permanent tooth

After 2-3 months it’s time to make the permanent tooth.  We take digital dentistry scans of your teeth and photographs to allow us to get a perfect colour match.  We then make you new tooth and fit it about 2 weeks later.

Case Studies

Case 1 - front tooth immediate implant

This patient came to us with a broken front tooth (upper left 2).  After a thorough discussion about all the options she decided to have an immediate dental implant.  She didn’t want to have a bridge as she had a bridge on the other side and didn’t like how the gum had shrunk around it.

We digitally planned this case and used digital guided implant surgery to fit the implant.  The tooth was removed, the implant placed and a temporary tooth put on top all on the same morning.  The procedure took about 45 minutes.

Case 2 - front tooth immediate implant

This patient came to us with a broken front tooth.  We placed removed the broken tooth and placed an immediate implant.

The patient was delighted with the result which looked great.

Case 3

The patient was delighted with the natural looking result.

The new implant tooth will stabilise the bite and it looks great.

Case 4

The patient was delighted with the natural looking result.

The new implant tooth will stabilise the bite and it looks great.

The new teeth will support the bite and make chewing much easier.  This will protect the front teeth against further wear.  The silver holes you can see are the screws which hold the bridges onto the implants.  These holes were then plugged with white filling and are now invisible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our patients are surprised at how comfortable the whole experience is. 

Modern techniques such as Digital Guided Surgery allow us to keep the procedure as simple as possible which makes recovery more comfortable than you might expect! 

For our nervous or anxious patients we offer dental sedation. 


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