New Patients at Evesham Place Dental

Welcoming 'New Patients' to Evesham Place Dental

New patients are welcome at Evesham Place Dental.  If you haven’t been to the Dentist in years, or if you’re seeking to change from anther dentist, we can help. Just get in touch via telephone, email or by completing the form below and we’ll get started.

We are a warm, friendly, family Dental Practice. We are open to Private and Denplan adult patients also NHS child patients. We provide routine dental care and cosmetic dental treatments, including teeth straightening and dental implants to suit your bespoke needs.

As an established dental practice we have a wealth of patients who trust us implicitly because of our attention to detail, high quality dental care at a reasonable cost.

We appreciate how busy life gets so we will arrange your appointment quickly and at a time that suits. We offer family appointments on request – so that visiting us couldn’t be easier.

How do I get registered?

Once you’ve contacted us we’ll book you an appointment with the Dentist of your choice.  We’ll send you a new patient pack that includes a Medical Questionnaire, a New Patient Questionnaire, some Finance Options and a Price List.  We would ideally ask that you return the paperwork to us before the appointment so that we can review it in advance.  Alternatively just bring it along on the day and we can review it during your appointment.

Please note that if you request an Invisalign (clear braces) of facial aesthetics consultation, these are provided free of charge. Please call us for more information.

For more information on how to find us and parking

What does a New Patient Examination involve?

We want to get a good idea of the type of care you are seeking.  It could just be a preventative care regime like regular check ups and hygiene appointments or it could be something more specific like straighter teeth.  We’ll spend time understanding what you’d like to achieve.  We’ll then spend time reviewing your general heath and your previous dental experiences.

With your permission your Dentist will then conduct a full examination that includes checking:

  • Your face and neck for any lumps or bumps
  • The skin on your face and lips
  • Your jaw joints
  • The skin/mucosa in your mouth (this forms part of an Oral Cancer Screening)
  • Your teeth.  This includes a detailed Dental Charting to note all your existing dental work.
  • Your gums.  We look for any signs of gum problems ranging from gingivitis and gum disease to rarer things like autoimmune conditions.
  • Your bite (occlusion)
  • Any existing false teeth like Dentures or Implants

We’ll then discuss the requirement for any X-rays.  X-rays are sometimes recommended to allow us to check for specific problems or to screen for things that we can’t see like tooth decay between the teeth or under existing fillings.  These X-rays are included in the New Patient Examination fee.

Your Dentist will then collate all of the information and discuss your oral health with you.  We’ll outline any recommended treatment or any treatment required to meet the objectives that you have outlined.  We always provide information on all the options available to you as well as giving our own recommendations.

At Evesham Place Dental we always provide a written treatment plan which includes a written estimate of fees.  You will never be presented with an unexpected bill.