Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding can be used for cosmetic reasons; to close gaps, disguise uneven tooth positions and shapes or mask discolouration. It can also be used to build up tooth structure that has been lost, such as chips, wear cavities and uneven edges.

The procedure involves bonding and blending a tooth coloured composite resin material on to your existing teeth. The composite is matched to the shade of your tooth so it looks just like your natural enamel. Some people prefer to have their teeth whitened prior to composite bonding for a really bright and fresh look.

It is a gentle and conservative procedure which involves no drilling or removal of tooth structure. Local anaesthetic is rarely required!

Unlike porcelain veneer preparations, composite bonding is usually undertaken in one visit and you are able to eat and drink straight away after your appointment.

Smile Face Composite Teeth Stratford Upon Avon Evesham Place Dental Practice

Composite Bonding with SmileFast

Evesham Place Dental are now delighted to offer the ground breaking revolution of smile makeovers using Smilefast. In under two hours, we can transform your smile using the minimally invasive technique of composite bonding. Your smile is individually and digitally designed for you and the results are amazing!

We start by taking the relevant photos and digital records.  Then using the latest 3D-planning technology along with the unique SmileFast system, we design the perfect smile and outline possible treatment options.

The unique thing about this system is that we can now place a bespokely-designed composite veneer smile makeover for the front teeth in just one application.  This will mean you could walk away with a new smile in your lunch hour!

Compared to porcelain veneers, the Smilefast composite technique is usually less invasive and more cost effective. Prices range from £1500-£2500 depending on the number of teeth which require treatment.

We offer free Smilefast consultations.

Please call or email the practice to book in or to find out more.

Please see our before and after photos of composite bonding carried out at Evesham Place Dental.

You can expect to enjoy the benefits of composite bonding for up to 10 years, but many cases last even longer than this.

Smilefast teeth before and after
Treatment Planning
After Treatment


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Before & After Composite Bonding examples

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