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Are missing teeth getting you down?

Same day teeth dentist stratford upon avon

Coping with missing, damaged or loose teeth can be a real challenge.

Dentures are one solution, but these can be very difficult to wear.

People who wear dentures often have to worry about them slipping and moving when they eat and talk.

They can be very uncomfortable and difficult to get used to.

As well as affecting your emotional well-being, missing or loose teeth can affect your general health.

In order to maintain a healthy diet, we need to be able to chew our food effectively and comfortably.  In order to maintain a healthy emotional state, we need to be able to smile and talk with confidence.  In order to be confident in physical activities, we need to be secure in the knowledge that our teeth are secure and aren’t going to move or, even worse, fall out!

You’ll be delighted to hear that if you have missing, damaged, or loose teeth that we can help - Dental implants and Same-Day-Teeth may be the answer.


Case Study 1

Case 1

This patient came to see us with failing top and bottom teeth.  As a result of his missing teeth he didn’t like to smile

Following a consultation with Stephen, we removed the upper teeth, fitted four dental implants and fitted a provisional bridge in one morning (Same-Day-Teeth).  The patient was so pleased with the result that he booked the procedure for his lower jaw shortly after.


Full-arch-1-preop   This patient came to see us with failing top and bottom teeth. As a result of his missing teeth he didn’t like to smile

Case Study 2

Case 2

This patient had a failing dental bridge in her upper jaw.  She was really concerned about loosing the bridge and had been told in the past that she didn’t have enough bone for implants.

She didn’t like the appearance of the existing bridge as the teeth looked too long.  She couldn’t tolerate wearing a denture and so we decided to use dental implants

This photo shows the end result.  We’ve provided a fixed set of teeth on 4 implants.

Using Digital Smile Design we ensured that the new teeth were in harmony with the smile and face.

The teeth are now a more natural length and the patient was really pleased with the final appearance.

What are Same-Day-Teeth?

This treatment has a number of different names: ‘All-on-four, ‘All-on-6’, ‘Same-Day-Teeth’, ‘Teeth-In-A-Day’, ‘Fast-Fixed-Teeth’.  They all mean the same thing, a new set of fixed teeth in a single day.

This revolutionary procedure allows implant dentists to provide you with a natural-looking set of fixed teeth all within a single day.  Anything from four to eight dental implants can be used to secure a new set of fixed teeth.  Once the implants have been fixed we then build a new custom bridge onto them, all within the same day.



The procedure is completed under sedation so our patients are often completely unaware of the treatment taking place.  Our patients often fall asleep and can’t believe that it’s all finished.

We love performing this procedure because it allows us rapidly and profoundly improve patients quality of life.  It’s great to see the transformation that this procedure can offer to patients with failing or missing teeth.

Benefits of Same-Day-Teeth?

•    They are a fixed, permanent set of new teeth

•    They look great and can improve your self confidence

•    No bone grafting is required

•    You can enjoy eating your favorite foods again

•    You can exercise with confidence, knowing that your teeth are secure

•    They can improve your facial structure, taking years off your appearance

•    The provisional bridge allows us to ‘test-drive’ your new smile

Can I have Same-Day-Teeth?

If you have missing, badly broken or very loose teeth you may benefit from this type of treatment.  Even patients who have been told in the past that they haven’t got enough bone can now have Same-Day-Teeth using our modern techniques.  If you have existing loose dentures and want to be able to eat with confidence again, this treatment is the gold standard.

We offer a free consultation to determine if this the right procedure for you. 

What are the stages of Same Day Teeth?


At the initial consultation our team will discuss your concerns and get a feel for what you would like to achieve.  If it looks like Same-Day-Teeth is the right treatment for you we move on to the full assessment

Full Assesment

We carry out a full dental examination and ask some questions about your general health.  At this stage we get 3D CT scans of your jaws, photographs of your teeth and a digital scan of your teeth. 


Stephen and Julian then work closely together to plan the procedure.  We meticulously assess all the records we have taken and plan every aspect of the procedure.  Julian then makes a custom set of teeth to fit onto the implants.  We call this set of teeth the ‘provisional bridge’.  It’s not the final set of teeth.  This is great because it gives us an opportunity to ‘test-drive’ your new smile.  If there are any changes you’d like to make these can be incorporated into the final bridge.

The Same-Day-Teeth procedure

On the day of the procedure we first make sure that your comfortably relaxed and sedated.  Once we’re happy that you’re comfortable we fit your implants.  This typically takes around 1 hour per jaw.  Stephen and Jullian then work to connect your new bridge to the implants.  This part typically takes around 2 hours.  By the time we’ve fitted your new teeth the sedation has worn off and it’s time to go home!. 

The review

We like to see you again after about one week.  This is typically a short appointment to ‘touch-base’. 

The permanent bridge

After 3-4 months it’s time to make the final bridge.  We discuss any changes that you’d like to make to the provisional bridge.  We take some new moulds of the implants to allow Julian to make a new permanent bridge to your specification.  The materials we typically prefer are a custom titanium frame with acrylic teeth on top.  There are other options such as Zirconia and porcelain which we will discuss with you at the time.


At Evesham Place Dental we offer open, honest pricing. Our quotes include everything.  There are no hidden fees or extras.  Our quote includes the provisional bridge and the final bridge.  Once the final bridge is fitted we keep the provisional bridge as a spare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following the procedure to fit your Same-Day-Teeth, it’s normal to experience some discomfort.  Your Implant Dentist will tell you exactly what to expect and how to manage it. 

To put it in perspective, most of our patients are amazed at how comfortable the whole procedure is.  Because there’s only one surgical procedure in the whole process, most people find they can tolerate it just fine.

We normally recommend sedation (hyperkink to nervous?) to make the whole process as pleasant as possible for you.  Lots of our patients fall asleep during their Same-Day-Teeth procedure. 


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