Childrens Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Children are most welcome at Evesham Place Dental and are treated free of charge on the NHS. We offer dental care in a friendly and relaxed environment and are especially good at putting nervous children at ease.

Most of our younger patients look forward to visiting us! Izzy, our dental therapist is particularly popular!

Check-ups are usually advised every 6 months to enable our dental team to check for early signs of dental decay or gum disease.

We also closely monitor the development of children’s teeth and tooth position and will refer to an orthodontist for advice or treatment if necessary.


When at the correct age, a particular focus of a child’s examination or treatment involves showing them how to care for their teeth at home themselves. These skills will last a lifetime and will have undoubted benefits in maintaining their dental health as they become young adults and beyond.

At Evesham Place Dental, this can involve a toothbrush demonstration, diet analysis or asking them to chew on a little tablet (disclosing tablet) which will temporarily die their plaque bright blue!

Our receptionists are also very happy to hand out toothbrush timers so don’t forget to ask!



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