Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry

At Evesham Place Dental we use cutting edge technology to look after your smile and to deliver predictable, beautiful results.

Digital Impressions

Instead of using messy putty moulds we use a digital scanner to make models of your teeth. The benefits of Digital Impressions are:

  • More comfortable
  • More accurate
  • Quicker

Digital Smile Design

Using Digital Smile Design we can ensure that your cosmetic dental treatment is in harmony with your smile and facial structure.  Digital Smile Design helps us to provide beautiful smile makeovers using proven techniques.


Guided Implant Surgery

Placing dental implants has never been more predictable.  Just like ‘pin hole surgery’ has revolutionised general surgery, Guided Implant Surgery is revolutionising dental implantology.

Using digital techniques we now digitally plan every implant case  before we begin.  We precisely plan the ideal position for the implant using a CT scan of the jaw.

Digital Dentistry stratford Upon avon smile design

We can then use guided surgery to put the implant into exactly the correct position, often using ‘pinhole’ techniques which means less discomfort for the patient!


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