Covid-19 Dental Update - Stratford Upon Avon

Our new way of working

At Evesham Place Dental the health, safety and wellbeing of our patients, their families and our team are our priority.  We have designed a new patient journey to enable us to safely welcome you back to our practice. Rest assured that we meet or exceed all the current safety guidance relating to COVID-19.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do let us know.

Complete your Medical History form

in advance to ensure you are seen on time.

Before your appointment

When booking your appointment, we will ask you to make payment before the appointment.  This is to avoid the need to enter the reception and to help us maintain social distancing.  Please click here for more information on how to make payment.

Please click on 'Private Fees' buton to jump over to our fees page

Once you’ve booked your appointment, we will ask you to complete our online Medical Questionnaire.

This includes some questions relating to COVID-19.  If any of your answers change between the time you complete the form and your appointment, please let us know.

The day of your appointment

Please may we ask that you brush your teeth at home and take minimal items with you in to the practice and wear a face mask upon entering the practice. 

Please attend for your appointment alone, unless you require assistance or are supporting a child or vulnerable adult.

When you arrive at the practice the doors will be locked. If possible  please wait in your car or outside of the practice, respecting social distancing rules, until your appointment time. Please ring the door bell at the time of your appointment to let reception know that you have arrived. Please do not call the practice to tell reception you have arrived. 

We do have some onsite Car Parking, click here for more information including a map to our Car Park.

Entering the practice.

When it is time for your appointment, one of our reception team will call you and will meet you at the front door.

Upon entering the practice, we ask that you sanitise your hands using our dispenser by the front door.

We will take your temperature with a no touch thermometer to check you don’t have a fever. If your temperature is above 37.7 degrees centigrade, we apologise but we will have to rearrange your appointment.

In order to keep the dental surgeries as clutter free as possible, we will ask you to store your belongings in a sealed box at reception. 

A member of the team will then escort you to the surgery.

During your appointment.

Our usual cleaning down between appointments is as thorough as ever.  The floor may be a little wet from the disinfectant as you walk in so please take care.

When you enter the surgery our clinical staff will be wearing extra personal protective equipment (PPE).  We’re sorry that it may seem a bit impersonal but please be reassured they will be your usual friendly team.

If you are attending to see the dentist and the hygienist we will aim for you to see both in the same surgery.  This is to limit traffic around the practice.

After your appointment.

One of the team will escort you back down to the front desk to pay. Payment will be taken via card machine only so please do not bring any cash.